Modular Sliding Shoe Sorter Solutions


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Modular Sliding Shoe Sorter Solutions

Viioni sliding shoe sorters are vertical shoe sorting solutions which differentiate from other shoe sorters by the high diversity of sortable products. Large variations in size and weight are not problem to our shoe sorter. Products convey on an anodised aluminium shoe sorter bed, the shoes slide across the aluminium profiles, diverting products to pre-selected destinations. A high performance shoe sorter with a low-maintenance sortation system that is capable of delivering up to 18,000 cases per hour!

Patented Technology

Patented technology enables quicker shoe sorting with speeds exceeding 600 feet per minute. The easy-to-install shoe sorter system offers the industry’s lowest meantime to repair and the highest predictive availability.

Smart Shoe Technology

Utilising RFID tags in each shoe allows for selective shoe identification and tracking. Real time missing shoe detection and divert confirmation are valuable examples of Smart Shoe in use.

Reduced Installation costs and downtime

By continually investing in innovation and our teams our vision is to be the market leader in providing innovative automation solutions, to companies across the globe.


Slats are easily assembled and disassembled. In as little as 1 minute you can remove the slat with just a screwdriver. Loosen 2 bolts with a quarter turn, click out the slat and click in a new one.

Key Benefits

– High speed sortation at up to 18,000 items per hour.

– Handle a large range of product sizes and weights up to 50kg.

– Maximum product size up to 1524mm x 914mm x 914mm.

– Reduced installation costs and downtime due to the quick assembly slat system.

– Real time missing shoe detection and divert confirmation available through Smart Shoe technology.

– Standardisation offers flexible delivery times.

– Standard modular systems with a proven record of quality.


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