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At Viioni we understand that every businesses’ shipping requirements differ, from time of shipping to target delivery times.  Therefore, we endeavour to identify the optimum manifesting solution, for your business.

Utilising a range of checkweighers, dimensioning, label applicators, conveyors and sortation solutions to handle any products from jiffy bags to pallets, we will find the ideal solution to fit your business requirements.

Viioni manifesting systems offer packing, case closing, labelling, weighing, dimensioning and sortation of packed orders.  With the use of Viioni’s carton optimisation software, operators are directed to the optimum packing option, for orders based on cubic volumetric size of product.

This results in our clients having reduced shipping costs and provides more environmentally friendly warehouse operation as dunnage and waste packaging is reduced.  Within our manifesting systems all orders are verified, tracked and operator actions logged against each order.

This process is completed prior to shipping, saving on costly returns, improving client profitability and increasing consumer satisfaction.  All stages of the Viioni manifesting system can be implemented in modules, allowing your automation system the flexibility to grow, as and when your business requires.

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