Building blocks for next-generation material flow.

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One cell fits all

Flexibility, performance and adaptability are the core requirements for future material flows systems. Our celluveyor fulfills all these requirements with an innovative and simple concept – the cell.

Omnidirectional movement for space-saving material flow

Easy maintenance
Straight-forward maintenance with one single spare part

Easy changes in layout and functionality

Plug & Play
Fast machine setup and enhanced system expandability
Investment security
Future-proof investment through multifunctional reprogramming
Identical intelligent cells with no additional mechanical elements needed


Our cells can be combined in any shape or form, leading to an outstanding layout flexibility. The functionality can be adjusted simply via software, without the need of mechanical modifications.


Our omnidirectional drive technology and swarm control enable smart movements so the celluveyor uses up to 95% less footprint in specific applications.


Our smart algorithms create out of the box solution, that can be set up fast and without time consuming programming on-site.


A cell consists of a hexagonal unit with omnidirectional wheels and an intelligent control system. The cells can simply be clicked together into larger modules. Thus, the celluveyor can built in any shape and size. Our patented single wheel steering technology allows conveying objects freely in all directions and orientations. With this even complex material flow applications can be 

performed on minimal space. Regardless the application you are running, the hardware remains always the same. The functionality is defined only by the software. The programming and configuration is done by our software and can be modified instantly, without any programming skills.

Automatic layout detection

After connecting the cells, you simply push a button and the layout is recognized automatically and the celluveyor is ready to go

Automatic object detection

Thanks to our computer vision/AI system we know at all times where the objects are on the celluveyor

Automatic error detection

If one cell should fail, its neighbours detect it automatically and send the information to the control unit

Function change

You can change the functionality at anytime by a simple software update without changing the hardware


We can move every type and form as long as they have an almost flat bottom surface

Cellular design

With our cells you can build any form of conveying and positioning system in very short time

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