Viioni with Fetch offer the Broadest Range of AMRs in the Industry

The Cloud Robotics Platform for on-demand automation.

IDC evaluated 8 autonomous mobile robot (AMR) vendors on capabilities and strategy. Get the detailed analysis and insight you need to make the right AMR decision for your organization.


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Meet HMIShelf

HMIShelf provides autonomous transport in virtually any facility. Deploy in just hours and carries a wide range of bins, totes and packages with its fully configurable and customizable shelving system. HMIShelf solutions feature simple to use integrated touch screens that require almost no training to improve efficiency and productivity immediately after initialising

Meet CartConnect

Automated Material Handling is Taken to the Next Level with CartConnect

CartConnect robots autonomously pick up and drop off our Carts to any location within facilities with material handling needs.
Multiple sensors ensure CartConnect safely and efficiently navigates between locations and is able to work safely alongside people, forklifts, and other material handling equipment. CartConnect transports materials within a facility at a speed of up to 1.5 meters per second.

Meet RollerTop

Bridge the gap between existing automations with the flexibility of RollerTop

RollerTop brings more adaptability and increases automation in conveyor driven environments. Quick to deploy and navigates autonomously in conveyor-to-conveyor material transport.

• Automate loading and unloading of totes and bins from conveyors or ASRSs
• Flexibly extend existing conveyor workflows
• Automatically trigger induction or deduction via Fetch Robotics’ FetchCore software.

Meet Freight500 & Freight1500

Pallet Transport On-Demand with Two Options for Large Payloads

Fetch Robotics offers two sizes of industrial Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) to enable on-demand pallet transport in your facility with no infrastructure changes required. That means no wires, magnets, tape, or QR labels need to be installed. Our automated pallet movers can be deployed in just days and can scale as your operations grow.

Zero blind spots with 360° robot vision

Both the Freight500 and Freight1500 feature Fetch Robotics’ industry-leading dynamic obstacle avoidance technology as well as a certified hardware-based safety system which allows these large AMRs to navigate and operate safely around associates and vehicles. Each robot has eight 3D cameras and two LiDAR sensors for superior navigation and fast, safe stops when an obstacle is detected.

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